Second Sunday Supper Church is a monthly service offered at St. George’s that hearkens back to the earliest forms of Christian worship by combining music, prayers and the Eucharist with a light meal. Held in our Parish Hall from 4:30 to 6:30 pm on the second Sunday of the month, Supper Church is a lively and shared celebration of Christ’s love with a focus on intergenerational and interactive activity. Whether you are a family for whom Sunday mornings can be difficult, a college student with questions or someone who has never felt comfortable in traditional services, we would love to have you at our table.

Order of Service

Supper Church begins the moment you step into St. George’s. A greeter will welcome you to the Parish Hall and invite you – if you feel comfortable – to help with the service itself, from setting up the space to helping serve the meal. When we are all ready, we will begin with an opening song and the Collect (a specific prayer for the day set out in our book of worship, the Book of Common Prayer). Then there will be a special interactive Prayers for the People period, where all will be invited to share our concerns and thanksgivings, before we integrate the Eucharist – the ceremony where we commemorate Christ’s sacrifice with a symbolic meal – with our own collective supper.

During the supper, we will hear a reading from the Gospels – the first four books of the New Testament that detail the life of Jesus – as well as a short reflection on the text that will open up to a discussion at your table. Finally, we will clean up the space together before sharing a dessert, singing a final song and being dismissed with a Blessing.

If you are interested in bringing food for a future Supper Church or a specific role in the service, please contact us at