The children’s formation ministry at St. George’s seeks to help children understand God and find God at work in their lives and the wider world. Sunday School occurs most Sundays from September through June. 

Sunday School in the Atrium

Our one room Sunday School engages children ages 3-12 in discussion, art making and imaginative play. 
Children join us most Sundays in the atrium where we engage in a collaborative prayer practice and read a bible story together. Children then break out into centers where they can choose to participate in an art project, imaginative play or a group discussion. The one room school house model helps children of all ages feel comfortable engaging with topics in the way that suits them best. Older children who want to engage in collaborative play can help the younger ones, and younger children who are interested in diving deep into the topic can participate in the group discussion. 
Our bible stories and activities come from the Story Maker NYC curriculum, learn more about Story Makers here

Family Formation

At St. George’s we believe youth formation is a family affair. Families of all ages are invited to participate in monthly service projects and seasonal activities like our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. We also host a monthly family forum where parents have a chance to discuss relevant topics like how to talk about God/death/hard things together while the children participate in a fun activity. 

Youth Group

More information coming soon.