Becoming a part of our Beloved Community

What is “Stewardship”?

Stewardship is rooted in the profound belief that all that we are and all that we have comes from God.   With that mindset, we are called to share our abundance in community with others and in service to God’s world and all of creation.  

Our community of St. George’s exists because WE sustain it.  To do so, parish members are asked to make a meaningful annual pledge to provide financial support to the ministries of St. George’s.  In so doing, we affirm our commitment to this community of love, faith and service.  

Each and every member is also invited – and encouraged – to lend their talents, insights, energy and time to the array of activities that bind us together and make our love known in the world around us.

How are our funds used?


 Our pledges support the wealth of ministries at the core of our St. George’s community:

  • Worship
  • Music and the arts
  • Spiritual formation and education for children, youth and adults
  • Fellowship and hospitality
  • Social justice discernment and activism

Our pledges maintain our building and grounds – within which we house:

  • Our worship services
  • Hosting of community groups such as AA, arts and education programs, youth programming
  • Social gatherings for members and community

Our pledges support our ministries to the wider community and those in need:

  • Grants to local food pantries and service programs for the unhoused and under-resourced 
  • Organizing and supplies for a neighboring church’s meal program and thrift store 
  • Service projects by our youth group
  • Grants to support immigrants and refugees

Where do our funds come from?

Members’ pledges support 73% of our total budget.  We receive no support from the Diocese.
Each year, we strive to increase the number of our members/attendees who make a commitment to St. George’s with a financial pledge.  For 2024, we hope that at least 85 individuals and families will commit to making a pledge. 


How do I participate?  

We invite our members to make a commitment of faith by offering an annual pledge.  Pledge cards have been sent to attendees and are available at each entrance to the church, or you can pledge online HERE.

Once you have pledged, payments to fulfill that pledge can be made in a variety of ways:

  • recurring online payments or bank-transfers, which can be set up HERE
  • a one-time annual payment, by check or online payment
  • payments by check
  • payments by cash