Becoming a Member of St. George's

What Does Membership Mean?

At St. George’s, we warmly welcome people wherever they are on their life’s journey and invite everyone to explore membership in our community!

In the Episcopal Church, we have a two-fold understanding of membership:

1. General Membership- someone who commits to being a part of the community and expresses this commitment through regular engagement/attendance in Sunday worship, contributes financially to the church, and is an active participant in forming their relationship with Jesus Christ and in supporting others in their own formation.

2. Canonical Membership- someone who has deepened their commitment to Jesus Christ and God’s community by becoming baptized, confirmed, and/or received formally into the Episcopal Church. (This more formal understanding of membership is required to serve on the Vestry of any parish, and to hold office on any Diocesan ministries and boards)  

At St. George’s, we focus on a person’s readiness to make a commitment. Some people decide to make this their community after one visit with us! Others take months or longer. Some are drawn by our worship, others by our progressive values, others by the joy they find in our fellowship, still others by the way they experience God in our midst.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

 Joining us from a different Episcopal church? 

If you are already baptized and/or confirmed in the Episcopal Church , you may ask your former church to send a Letter of Transfer to  St. George’s.

Joining us from a different Christian Denomination?

If you are already baptized and/or confirmed in a different Christian denomination, you may be received into the Episcopal Church by our Bishop at our annual Confirmation service. If you are not baptized, you may become a member by being baptized.

Joining us from a different faith tradition or no faith tradition at all?

If you are joining us from a different faith background or no faith background at all, you may become a member by being baptized.

All who desire to be baptized and confirmed are expected to undergo a time of preparation. Several times a year, a 4 week Baptism class is offered for those interested in Baptism. For those interested in being confirmed, there is a Confirmation program offered that begins the fall of each year; this program is 20 sessions.  For more information about these two courses, please contact Rev. Grant and read more about it on our website here.