Baptism and Confirmation

In the Anglican tradition, baptism and confirmation are two of the most important milestones in a person’s spiritual life.  Baptism is a service of Christian initiation in which we become part of the Body of Christ through our vows (if an older child or an adult) or vows made on our behalf by parents and godparents (if a young child).  The Episcopal Church recognizes baptisms of other denominations (in the name of the Trinity) to be equally valid to those in our Church, so it is very rare that someone would be re-baptized. 

At Confirmation, a person makes a commitment to fulfill the vows that may have been made for him or her by parents and godparents.  Persons who have been confirmed in another denomination are generally received into the Episcopal Church at a confirmation service rather than being confirmed.   

Baptism at St George’s

The Service of Holy Baptism typically takes place four times a year when the theme of baptism is especially prominent. These are historic days that the Church has baptized on for centuries.

  •  The Feast of Christ’s Baptism (usually the first or second Sunday of January)
  •  The Easter Vigil (Saturday evening before Easter Sunday)
  •  Pentecost Sunday (Usually late May to mid-June)
  •  All Saints Sunday (the first Sunday of November)

All persons interested in being baptized or in having a member of their family baptized are expected to participate in a 4 week Baptismal Preparation program. Those interested should contact the Rector ( and fill out the form below to learn more.


Confirmation is a mature commitment to live a Christian life with the Episcopal Church as one’s spiritual home.  St. George’s holds adult and youth confirmation classes every year to help people consider this commitment. 

The Youth Confirmation program for 8th graders and up, meets on a regular basis over a school year and prepares students to make an informed, lifelong decision about their faith and life.  In addition to regular meetings, the class takes field trips to places of worship, service, and ministry.

Any baptized adult is eligible to take part in the adult class as an inquirer who simply wants to learn more about their faith, as someone who wants to be confirmed, or as someone who wants to be received into the Episcopal Church from another denomination.

Confirmation services take place each year in the Spring as those we sponsor for confirmation, reception into the Episcopal Church, or reaffirmation of their faith make their commitments alongside persons from other churches in the Diocese of Newark.