Subdeacon and Acolyte Ministry

Subdeacons are responsible for supporting the rector in the preparation of each service. This includes verifying the church liturgical requirements (e.g. Gospel and Altar Book, Eucharistic silver and linens, chairs, etc.) are set up properly and coverage is provided for all the required roles in the service. Subdeacons also coordinate all the activities between the other worship ministries, such as the Choir, Ushers, Altar Guild and Layreaders and provide any guidance for anything unique about that service. Acolytes include thurifers, crucifers/servers, torchbearers and banner bearers, who each have specific responsibilities during the service.

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Healing Prayer Ministry

The Healing Prayer Ministry at St, George’s offers daily intercessory prayers by the team for all those for whom prayers are requested. If information is supplied with the name and nature of the need(s) of those for whom prayers are requested, it is helpful in focusing our prayers, but it is not a prerequisite. We will pray with simply a name to pray for. The other work of the prayer team is to offer in-person prayers with anyone seeking them in the side aisles immediately after they receive communion. The format normally is for the person seeking prayer to say something about what they are seeking prayer for. After anointing the forehead of the person seeking prayers with chrism oil, team members will then offer verbal prayers and invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit to comfort and sustain those for whom we are praying as well as the person who has come forward.

Currently prayers are offered every Sunday at the 8:00am service and on the first and third Sundays at the 10:00am service.

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Altar Guild

The four two-person teams on the Altar guild rotate annually. Each duo takes one Sunday a month, and then one of the Fifth Sundays that show up in the course of the year. Members of the guild change the riddles – those curtains hanging on either side of the reredos. The liturgical year starts with the Advent Blue riddles and then those are changed for the Christmas riddles. During ordinary times, the gold brocade riddles do their job. They go up and down several times during the year. In June, Pride Month Banners serve as the riddles.

To find out more about the Altar Guild or to help, contact Ulysses Dietz at or any other members of the Altar Guild.