Worship at St. George's

Worship Schedule

8:00 am (in-person, indoors)

9:30 am (in-person, outdoors)

11:00 am (in-person, indoors, livestreamed)

Childcare is provided at the 9:30am and 11am services.

Coffee Hour is held after the 8am service in the parish lounge, as well as between the 9:30am and 11am services in the parish hall.  

What to Expect at our Sunday Services

The 8 am service is an intimate and contemplative service of Holy Eucharist held in the choir behind the altar.  There is no music at this service, but the lessons and sermon are identical to what is heard at the later service.  

The 9:30 am service is a laidback, informal service of Holy Eucharist that is grounded in the ancient traditions of our faith. It is held outdoors in our parking lot, under the tents. The service lasts about 45 minutes, is participatory, and filled with happy chaos.  Children are encouraged as leaders in this service by participating in the processions, reading the lesson, and leading the prayers.  The music, led by children, youth, and adults, is informal and uplifting. All who desire to are invited to surround the altar during the Eucharistic prayer.  

The 11 am service is a spirited and warm Sung Holy Eucharist service, featuring our joyful choir. It is held in our sanctuary and is also livestreamed. For much of the year, the choir leads the music (ranging from traditional hymns, Gospel, Spirituals, Jazz, Taize, and more contemporary pieces). On major feast days, incense is used and will frequently offer special musical offerings. As with the 9:30am service, children are encouraged as leaders in this service by participating in the processions, reading the lesson, and leading the prayers. Older children also serve as acolytes, crucifers, and thurifers (the person who gets to handle the incense). 

Our services are Holy Communion according to the traditional use of the Book of Common Prayer. We use a variety of Eucharistic Prayers taken from the Book of Common Prayer and Enriching Our Worship.

Receiving Communion

We practice Open Communion. Everyone is welcome to come to the Lord’s Table to receive the Holy Eucharist. Gluten-free bread is available; please mention it to the clergy person distributing the bread.

Healing Prayer Ministry

At all three services, we offer healing prayers during Holy Communion. Healing takes many forms and we understand it to be God’s Spirit acting in us and through us to bring wholeness and peace to a fractured and painful world. There are people who are designated as “Intercessors” who pray with individuals during the service after Communion.

It’s a brief prayer where someone tells the intercessor of a concern they have for themselves or someone else. The comfort of hearing our concerns voiced in prayer often has a healing effect of its own in the spirit of the person desiring prayer.

We are also aware of the need people have to find spiritual refuge. When people have been hurt at some point during their lives by rigidity, callousness, or bigotry of society or one of its many institutions, simply being in a loving environment can offer healing to our spirits, transcending the past and offering strength to move into the future by sitting in a quiet and loving present.