Scripture says that “Faith without works is dead…” It’s a valuable reflection on the need we have to be of service to those beyond our own walls. St. George’s supports each person in their volunteer work to make a better society in whatever form that takes. There are so many good causes and we hope that our community and prayerful worship strengthens and inspires each in their respective ministries. We also share some outreach efforts as a faith community focusing on issues of hunger, families in crisis and need, and most recently with undocumented immigrants and seekers of political asylum. We all have unique gifts that call us to different forms of ministry. Our hope at St. George’s is to inspire in each person the desire to heed that call and seek God not only in the quiet of prayer, but helping serve the needs of others.

No matter what tradition you follow, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome at St. George’s and we hope you will find inspiration to share your gifts with us.

Outreach Ministries


In 2018, 4.5% of projected operating income was devoted to Outreach activities. In 2019, this percentage was increased to 5%.  The Outreach Committee provides grants and other opportunities for those in need; $19,895 was distributed in 2018. $21,700 will be distributed in 2019.  Current members of the Committee are:  Richard Berggren, Page Bigelow, Ken Boccino, Rose Gilbert, David Gorman, Marymae Henley, Brad Kalos, Valyrie Laedlein, Lindsay McHugh, Dan Mitchell, and Katie Rickard. For further information on the Committee, its grant process and sponsored organizations, please contact a member of the Committee or email the co-chairs Lindsay McHugh ( and Page Bigelow (


St. George’s parishioners are engaged with the world and find many ways in their daily lives to reach out to those in need. The Outreach Committee is made up of parishioners who look for ways for the parish as a whole to work on issues and projects that reflect our parish’s commitment to help others in our communities and the world beyond.

To accomplish these goals, the Outreach Committee:

  • Identifies volunteer opportunities and provides financial grants to local organizations, especially those serving families affected by poverty and people confronting crisis in need;
  • Learns about, discusses, and participates in events related to local and global issues of suffering, poverty and social justice; and
  • Provides relevant information on these issues to the congregation.

 In selecting organizations to support, the Outreach Committee gives preference to organizations which serve populations in our area, where our contribution makes a material difference to the operation of the organization and to the people it serves, and where parishioners are actively involved in the organization.

Opportunities to Serve

The Outreach Committee encourages the participation of parishioners of all ages in service opportunities. We partner with other ministries on a project basis.  Recently, the Women’s Ministry, Youth Group and Sunday School have each participated in joint outreach initiatives.  

Our Outreach Ministry wants to make it simple for St. Georgians to assist those most in need during this COVID-19 crisis. Here are some opportunities as you are able:

“I was hungry, and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  – Matthew 25:35

Support for First Fiends of NJ/NY

First Friends provides visitation, post-release, and advocacy support for detained refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, and in the past St. Georgians have done visitation, hosted released Friends, and served on its Board of Directors. First Friends assembles packets to aid detainees in communicating with family and friends – and they are asking for stamp booklets or Boss Revolution international calling cards in $10 and $20 denominations.

If you are interested in helping, you can either:  (1) purchase such supplies yourself for detained Friends, OR (2) make an online contribution via St. George’s Vanco system, and we will make the purchases for you.  You can use this link: you’ll see First Friends Stamps & Cards under “Other.”  

Our campaign runs from now until Pentecost.  For further information about dropping off supplies or volunteering with First Friends, please email Valyrie Laedlein at  Thank you!

April Food Pantry Collection

Please drop off donations at St. George’s on Saturday April 11 from 10-1

 Contact Lindsay McHugh at with any questions.



Food Pantry collections

We collect food staples on the second Sunday of every month, maintaining collection points in the Narthex and parking lot entrance of the church building. Collections are directed to one of three food pantries with whom St. George’s maintains a partnership: St. Joseph’s Food Pantry in Maplewood; Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange; and Holy Trinity in West Orange. Each month, a flyer is posted to notify the congregation about a specific food item requested for the targeted pantry, and the items collected are picked up by pantry volunteers each month. Contact Lindsay McHugh at for more details

North Porch Women & Infants’ Centers

We organize a North Porch collection in those months in which there is a fifth Sunday.  Parishioners are invited to bring infant formula, diapers and wipes, or to contribute financially to this organization that provides emergency supplies of formula, baby food, diapers, clothing, toiletries and other items for needy mothers and their infants from centers located in Newark, Paterson, Dover, Hackettstown, Jersey City, and Morristown. Additionally, St. George’s holds a traditional Christmas Eve collection, asking for gifts of baby food and toiletries wrapped in white paper and ribbon.

Contact Lindsay McHugh at or view their website at

Family Promise of Essex County

Since 1988, when St. George’s Church became a charter member of the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County (IHN), we have participated in their shelter program.  IHN is dedicated to providing shelter, direct services and housing assistance to homeless families.  Three to five families (up to 14 people) stay at a different house of worship each week where volunteers express hospitality by providing a safe and comfortable temporary home for families.  St. George’s collaborates with Wyoming Presbyterian to assist with hosting families who are temporarily homeless. Volunteers from the two parish communities work together to undertake the many tasks (hosting, cooking, organizing children’s activities, fellowship) needed to make guests feel welcomed and supported. More information can be found at or contact Glen Hoffs  or Amy Cox-Martins.  

Partnership with Holy Trinity Church, West Orange

Collections for Holy Trinity Thrift Shop. – Twice a year, we gather household goods, children’s clothes, winter coats and jackets plus other warm outerwear to donate to the Holy Trinity Thrift shop.  Contact Marymae Henley at

Christine’s Kitchen – We have initiated a program to volunteer at Christine’s Kitchen, a free hot lunch program served weekly in the Guild Hall located in the lower part of the Holy Trinity Parish House.  The number of guests served each week ranges from 75-100. Volunteers cook, clean up, and bring all needed supplies (paper goods, etc.).  For more information about Christine’s Kitchen, contact Lindsay McHugh at or view

“I was hungry, and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  – Matthew 25:35

Social Justice at St. George's

St. George’s has a long history of working for social justice. Since its founding in 1905, the congregation has been at the forefront of the movements for civil rights, fair housing, and the rights of women and LGBT people.


Prison Ministry

The Episcopal Diocese of Newark Prison Ministry advocates for restorative justice, interfaith programs and personal healing for prisoners, their families and their communities. They lead weekly Bible study and provide Saturday mentoring program, holiday gifts and summer camperships for the children whose parents are incarcerated.

Parishioners are invited to participate in ministry advocacy. Financial grants are awarded to help fund summer camperships.

Contact: Lindsay McHugh

First Friends​

First Friends of New York & New Jersey provides compassion and hope through volunteer visitation, resettlement assistance and advocacy to over 2,4000 detained immigrants and asylum seekers in four NJ detention centers.

We collect phone or gift cards and writing supplies, assist in letter writing campaigns, sponsor forums and discussion groups. We also provide visitations on a regular basis in the detention centers and have temporarily housed immigrants upon release. Financial grants are awarded to support their programs.

Contact: Deacon Ken Boccino

Outreach Grant Requests

In selecting organizations to support, the Outreach Committee gives preference to organizations which serve populations in our area, where our contribution makes a material difference to the operation of the organization and to the people it serves, and where parishioners are actively involved in the organization.

Return the completed form via mail or fax to: St. George’s Church, Attn: Outreach Grant Request. Address: 550 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood, NJ 07040; fax number: 973-762-9213.   Note: Grant decisions will be made in March, June, September and December. Please submit an application by the last date of the preceding month to ensure that your application will be promptly considered.