Our Mission

To be an instrument of God’s unconditional love.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a diverse community of companions for life’s journey.

Together we

          explore our faith,

          seek justice, and

          strive to be agents of transformation and healing;

With God’s help, we will become an instrument of God’s unconditional love.

Our Values


  • Seeking deeper understanding of God’s work in our lives
  • Wrestling with the questions of faith


  • Being grounded in the wisdom of our tradition
  • Following the Spirit in the transformation of our faith for today’s world
  • Infusing prayer and worship with creativity and our love of the arts


  • Celebrating the fullness of God’s creation
  • Cherishing the dignity of all
  • Embracing all whom we meet with love, both within and outside our doors


  • Fearlessly doing what is just
  • Sharing the love of Jesus
  • Journeying untrodden paths
  • Embracing who God calls us to be


  • For God’s presence in our lives
  • Affirming and celebrating the gifts each has to share


  • Valuing all families
  • Honoring our connection to and responsibility for each other
  • Embodying God’s unconditional love