Sermon: Imagine

Imagine. Imagine yourself so desperate to be healed that you would fight a crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. Imagine the realization that he knew what happened and turned to find out who did it. Imagine the thoughts that would go through your mind, weighing whether or not you should admit it, or run away before anyone found out. Read more

Sermon: The Baptism of Eleanor and Owen

First of all, let me welcome the families and friends of Eleanor Paige Matteson and Owen Jace Main. One of the parting words of Jesus to his disciples is to go out into all the nations and baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Read more

Sermon: Home Again

It feels good to be back home and very good to be back in this pulpit. I preached in several interesting places including a monastic chapel and a Cathedral in South Africa, a village church and Cathedral in England. The monastic chapel is a relatively new building and the Rochester Cathedral is among the oldest in Britain. Read more

Bishop's Sermon: Trinity Sunday (video)

Bishop Mark Beckwith gave this sermon during his official visitation at St. George's. This video is in two parts. Read more

Pentecost Sermon

Take my lips and speak through them; take our ears and hear through them; take our hearts and set them on fire with love for thee. May I speak in the name of the Living God.” Amen. Read more

Sermon: Memorial Day

“As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” May I speak in the name of the Living God. Amen. Read more

Sermon: Taizé

Good morning, and happy Mother’s day. This is a perfect day for me to be preaching specifically about Taizé, because I can honestly say that the best gift I have ever received from my children and husband was the freedom and space of 12 days last summer to experience Taizé. Read more

Sermon: Door Alarmed 24 Hours a Day

Browning wrote: God’s in his heaven all’s right with the world. Well, it’s true God’s in heaven but all is certainly not right with the world. Honestly. Read more

Sermon: The Fixed Point

“You are witnesses of these things.” May I speak in the name of the Living God. Amen. Read more

Easter Sunday Sermon: It's Not Too Late (with video)

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb.” May I speak in the name of the Crucified and Risen Christ who leads us from darkness into his glorious light.” Amen. Read more