Sermon: A Challenge to Remember the Poor

The thread that runs through the readings this morning is a call to those who are wealthy, and a challenge to remember the poor. Read more

Sermon: Homecoming Sunday

Some parables are easier than others to figure out. Last week we had the relatively easy lost sheep and coin. This week we have the not-so-easy Dishonest Steward. Read more

Sermon: "By their fruit shall you know them"

This week the lesson from Amos is a follow up to last week's lesson. Last week in a vision Amos saw God holding a plumb line. God asked Amos what he saw, Amos said a plumb line and the meaning of the vision unfolded. Read more

Sermon: Compassion is the Plumb Line

A plumb line is a weight attached to a length of string that a builder uses to determine if a wall is straight up and down, or whether it's leaning dangerously to one side or the other with the possibility of falling. There are instruments in construction today that use lasers for the same purpose, especially on high rise buildings. Read more

Sermon: Resting, Silence and Allowing God In

Among the healing stories in the scriptures, the story we read today is well known. I did flinch, however, to discover that the story of a demented man plagued by demons, was assigned for Father’s Day! The good news, though, is that the man is healed and the demons were cast out. Read more

Sermon: Death, Healing and New Life

In the first lesson from the first Book of the Kings we heard the widow say to Elijah, "Now I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is truth." Read more

Sermon: Ascension Day

The feast of Ascension Day, which we observe this morning, was actually this past Thursday. It enshrines one of the doctrines of the church and is in the Nicene Creed, which we’ll recite after the sermon. In those words we will say "...he ascended in to heaven and is seated at the right and of the Father." Read more

Sermon: Easter Sunday

Alleluia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia! The ancient greeting rings out with a truth first described as an idle tale! How about that? Read more

Sermon: Good Friday

A man hangs on a cross. The pain is unimaginable - even by those who inflicted it. Perhaps it’s because they couldn’t imagine it, that they were able to accomplish it. I wonder if anyone who has endured agony can willingly inflict it on someone else without reliving it, without experiencing it again. Read more

Sermon: Maundy Thursday

Holy Week captures the themes and drama of the love of God in a way that is beautiful, tragically poignant and mystically triumphant. The Tenebrae service last night previewed the themes of the shadows of desolation creeping over the light. Read more