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Bill Jaglowski

Meditation: Feb. 28 Luke 4:9-13 (Bill Jaglowski)

After fasting in the desert for 40 days, the devil attempts to test Jesus. Are we not tempted in life? We are often fasting in our personal wilderness, seeking a greater meaning to our lives? The devil is always present, to tempt us with foolish acts. Are we tested as Jesus was, knowing that the devil will continue to test us? Do we tell the devil, as Jesus does, that it is wrong to test God? Read more
Lent Graphic

Scripture for the Second Week of Lent (Luke 4: 5-8)

Then the devil led him up and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. Read more
Ken Boccino

Meditation: Feb. 27 Luke 4:5-8 (Ken Boccino)

The “Temptation of Jesus” is the title that is given to the section in Chapter 4 of Luke (verses 1 – 13).  After reading the entire passage, I started thinking abut what Satan was “tempting” Jesus with.  It was food, authority, glory and protection.  Under normal situations and circumstances, I wouldn’t necessarily believe that these things could be considered sinful and contrary to God’s desire for all of us. Read more
Tilly-Jo Emerson

Meditation: Feb. 25 Luke 4:5-8 (Tilly-Jo Emerson)

My chuckle when I read this passage may seem a strange reaction, but I am remembering a time long ago at St Georges when a few of us were teaching what we called "Monday School” (which was our reaction to the ...secular world where sports were scheduled on Sunday mornings). Read more

Meditation: Feb. 24 Luke 4:5-8 (Ruth Davies)

The passage contains both a temptation and an irony.  The temptation is that Jesus might become what he is not; the irony is that Christ already is what he seems not to be. Read more
Jane Bleasdale

Meditation: Feb. 23 Luke 4:5-8 (Jane Bleasdale)

This passage is a provocative one especially for the season of Lent - a time when we are asked to live simply, to make sacrifices and to examine who or what we 'worship in our lives' Read more

Meditation: Feb. 22 Luke 4:5-8 (Catherine Fruisen)

When I looked up my assigned passage for this Lenten meditation I had to laugh, because the ribbon in my bible happened to already be marking the page. (In a book of 1507 pages, what are the odds?) My 14-year-old son Gray and I have been reading Luke together, nice and slow, a single passage at bedtime every now and then. Most recently we read the beginning of chapter 4, including my assigned verses 5-8. I read Luke's rendition of the temptation of Jesus out loud and left the words hanging in the air, wishing I had done a little prep work, absolutely unsure what to say. In my defense, I was sleepy. Still though, how remarkable and absolutely wonderful of God to give me this do-over. Thank you, Rev. Bernie! Read more
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Scripture for the First Week of Lent (Luke 4: 1- 4)

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing at all during those days, and when they were over, he was famished. Read more
Mary Jameson

Meditation: Feb. 21 Luke 4:1-4 (Mary Jameson)

I had the pleasure of spending the past two years of my life in Uganda as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It was the most beautiful, and most difficult part of my life, and it is so challenging – because parts of it I feel I can share, and parts of it I just don’t know how to. My temptations there were different than they are here in the U.S.. At times immense, and other times so incredibly mundane. In the beginning I craved little, because in Peace Corps training days are structured, food is provided, and you have other Americans to share those first few months with. As time goes by though, you are alone in your village, you’ve met everyone, you’ve done a number of things for the first time, then these thoughts creep in… Read more
Richard Franco

Meditation: Feb. 20 Luke 4:1-4 (Richard Franco)

What is the wilderness? It’s easy for us to picture some deeply wooded forest, overgrown with vines and bushes, flooded with strange sounds of wild beasts. But this was not the wilderness that Jesus encountered. Read more