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Nina Nicholson

Meditation: Mar. 22 Luke 23:1 - 5 (Nina Nicholson)

When I read this passage, my first thought was, "These people are terrified." Jesus' message of hope, healing and life was shaking up their world. It made them so uncomfortable that, like frightened children, they ran to the biggest authority figure they knew and used every argument they could think of to get him to make Jesus - and his message - go away. Read more

Meditation: Mar. 21 Luke 23:1 - 5 (Sylvester Ekeunwe)

One of the interesting things about putting Jesus on the ‘stand’ before Pilate for judgment and condemnation is that both Pilate and the accusers of Jesus know that the charges against him were blatantly false and could not help themselves but to go ahead to accuse Jesus anyway. The Pilate, whom the accusers are seeking permission from to kill Jesus, though corrupt, but sees through their evil intentions and asked Jesus “ Are you the king of the Jews?” Pilate, who has been seen to have insulted the Jewish religion by bringing imperial images to the city, wanted to make good this time among the Jews but got confused – “ I find no basis for a charge against this man”, which, of course, made matters worse. Read more
Lent Graphic

Scripture for the Fifth Week of Lent (Mark 14:1-9)

It was two days before the Passover and the festival of Unleavened Bread. Read more
Uzo Okafor

Meditation: Mar. 19 Mark 14:1-9 (Uzo Okafor)

Not sure what her thoughts had been, what truly motivated her to splash Jesus with such expensive perfume; it may have been the spirit of the Lord working on her, it may have been just a political move to enhance how she's perceived in the society, she might have been attracted to him or else . .she was there to cause anger and jealousy in some quarters! Read more
Kirk Petersen

Meditation: Mar. 18 Mark 14:1-9 (Kirk Petersen)

I struggled with this passage. I've seen some of the lovely meditations from other parishioners, where they've teased out a symbol or an allegory and shared the spiritual meaning they found there. But when I read this passage, I think: the critics of the woman kind of had a point. Read more
Luke McPhillips

Meditation: Mar. 17 Mark 14:1-9 (Luke McPhillips)

Due to the fact that I still struggle to identify what religion means to me, it is a bit difficult it evaluate this passage from a perspective based on my faith. Church has always been more about being in a healthy reciprocated relationship with other people. It is about finding something bigger than me, and contributing to the collective. Read more

Meditation: Mar. 16 Mark 14:1-9 (Marlene Eubanks)

~~The Woman with the Alabaster Box
 Reflections on Mark 14 verses 1-9, KJV As a child, I attended a church in which Sunday School preceded the main Sunday service.  There were classes for everyone from kindergarten to adulthood. As a result, I have heard or read the story of the Woman with the Alabaster Box of precious spikenard many times. I might have been in first grade when I first heard this story. Even now I can remember thinking that this story did not make very much sense. I had some very practical questions: Why would the woman pour the spikenard over Jesus? Did the nard get in Jesus's eyes like shampoo? What was nard anyway? Was it sticky and did it mess up his hair? Did Jesus know the woman? Did she have a name? (Frankly, I sided with those mumblers who thought that the woman should have sold the nard and given the money to the poor). It goes without saying that my Sunday School teachers could not answer my questions. Read more
Lindsay McHugh

Meditation: Mar. 14 Mark 14:1 - 9 (Lindsay McHugh)

What strikes me first about this passage is the very concrete nature of the writing. The scene is set at a particular time and place. It is two days before the Passover, in a town called Bethany. Once again, we see Jesus staying at the home of an outcast, Simon the leper. A woman comes in with an alabaster jar of nard, a costly ointment. Read more
Lancy Clough

Meditation: Mar. 13 Mark 14:1 - 9 (Lancy Clough)

As Jesus sits down to dinner a woman of the house appears. She breaks open a large jar of expensive oil and pours it over his head. Then an awkward and extravagant gesture of welcome for a guest of honor is turned upside down with angry scolding from others at the table. In the end we find out that the gift that should have been used for a more valuable purpose turns out to have been used for a valuable purpose after all. Read more
Lent Graphic

Scripture for the Fourth Week of Lent (Luke 12:22-32)

He said to his disciples, 'Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Read more