Photo Album: Youth Group Drive to Decorate the Youth Lounge - March 2014

The Youth Group decided to reclaim the former Youth Lounge, a space with a separate bathroom and small kitchenette in the bottom level of Parish Building. They want to have their own space for their meetings and other activities in order to support their growth as a community. They plan raise funds to help paint and furnish the space so it has the teen's identity.

As part of the annual tradition at St. George's, the Youth Group hosted the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on March 4, 2014. They came together to set up, cook and serve a feast of pancakes, bacon, sausage and fruit. With lots of laughter, they cooked over 250 pancakes for a steady stream of families from 5:30 to 7:00 pm! They requested a free will offering for their Youth Lounge decoration project and raised $281. The Youth Group wish to express their gratitude to those who came out to support them and made a major dent in their fund raising project. Shout outs go out to Lynne Lewis for buying the food and organizing the youth in creating the best pancakes and to Ron Crawley for coming back to help clean up.

 Teen girls making pancakes
Josh cooking the bacon
Keenan making pancakes