Annual Meeting and Vestry Election Bios

Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 11:45am to 1:00pm

Thi has been updated with biographies of the vestry candidates. The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, March 3, 2019 following the 10:30 service.  All parishioners are encouraged to participate. 

The Nomination Committee has formed, and the Vestry has approved the following slate of candidates, which will be voted on at the Annual meeting:

(1 position for a 2 year term)
Mike Martins

(3 positions, each for a 3 year term)
Arden Canecchia
Aleeda Crawley
Joel Herbert
Marymae Henley
Brad Kalos
John Lauder

2020 Diocesan Deputy
(3 positions, each for a 1 year term)
Mike Martins
Lindsay McHugh
Kirk Petersen

2020 Diocesan Alternate
(3 positions, each for a 1 year term)
Tony Bousanti
Ron Garner
Daniel Mitchell

Other nominations, with the consent of the nominees, may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
The Nominating Committee: Tony Bousanti, David Gorman, Valyrie Laedlein, Cheryl Notari, Aleeda Crawley & Meg Persichetti

Aleeda Crawley
I joined St. George's in 2001 at the invitation of another parishioner. After three years in Maplewood, I was still seeking a spiritual home similar to the Roman Catholic church I left in NYC, one with messages, leadership and involvement in the community.  I wanted a church that knew its community needed a church seven days a week and not just on Sundays.
I got that and more at St. George's; I found my tribe of people who cared for others, whether or not you went here, a happy band of social justice warriors. Over the years, I've tried to serve in many ways: Altar Guild, Capital Campaign, Absalom Jones, Stewardship, Healing Ministry, Nominating Committee, Merry Marketplace, Parish Profile. I regularly volunteer for our Thanksgiving meal, and I helped organize our 2016 Anniversary Tea. 
I am an 8 o'clocker and one of the ways in which I've met many parishioners who sleep a bit later on Sundays is through our amazing committees.
I've served on the vestry previously,  and in my opinion, our Vestry is one of the most highly functioning boards on which I've served. It would be a happy privilege to serve again. 
I am a Director at the League of Women Voters of the U.S., responsible for their online voter guide product. I live in Maplewood with my better half, Ron Garner.  I love making things, cooking, quilting, crafting, cheese, (not chocolate!) and performing daily random acts of kindness.

Joel Herbert
Vestry class of 2019 and currently serves as co-Chair of the Communications Committee, has been the liaison to the Absalom Jones committee throughout his tenure. Joel and his family joined St. George's in 2010 and has been a very engaged parishioner in efforts to uphold the high values and diversity of the St. George's community. 

John Lauder

Along with Deborah Alessandro, my wife, I have been a member of St. George’s since 2000; before that, we were members of St. Paul’s in Chatham for about 10 years. We feel fortunate to be part of St. George’s, and the church has helped provide a spiritual center for our family. Our children, Alex and Channa, grew up and got their religious grounding here. As a family we have participated in outreach activities such as Interfaith Hospitality Network, Sunday school, youth group, service activities and social justice ministries. For most of our time at St. Paul’s and St. George’s, I have been active in the music ministry; at St. George’s I’ve served as a musician for the family Eucharist and the jazz Eucharist, and as a member of the adult choir. Now, as St. George’s moves forward in our search for a new rector, I seek the privilege of serving on the Vestry, in the belief that I can help the church advance its work during this time of transition.

Mike Martins 
It’s an honor to be asked to run for Warden at St. George’s.  My wife, Amy Cox-Martins, and I have been members of St. George’s for over 20 years.  We have raised two sons, Declan (20) and Marcus (17), and our daughter, Catherine (13) at St George’s. The energy, compassion and openness of the people of St. George’s make it the truly wonderful place that it is.  We feel so blessed to be part of God’s work at St. George’s.
One of the lessons that I have learned at St. George’s is that the more that your give of yourself; the more you receive.  I’ve had the privilege of serving in many different roles at St. George’s over the years including: serving on the vestry (twice) and the finance committee for over 10 years (including serving as chairman); running the youth group; and serving as co-chairman of a capital campaign. 
In my professional life, I am a CPA working in a mid-size investment advisor in New York and Jersey City. I also volunteer at one of the local Boy Scout troops in Maplewood, serving at the Committee Chair.

Arden Cannecchia
My husband Rich and I moved here 6 years ago, having decided to start a family.  Once settled, we wanted to find a place that would give us and our kids a religious foundation. So one Sunday we came to a service at St George’s – and like so many of you, felt totally intoxicated by the warm and comfortable environment.  After coming here for a while we asked Bernie if we could sit down with him, and told him of our intentions to join the church and asked if there were any formal steps we needed to take – and he asked us if we felt like we were part of the church, we said yes, and he said there you go.  You’re in! 

What we found at St George’s was more than just a church.  We found a loving community.  So the more we showed up here, the more involved we started to get, and the closer we became with a lot of the congregants.  My family and I have become very active in the ministries that St. George's has to offer.  My husband Rich and I hosted the St George’s tent at the North Jersey Gay Pride festival this past year.  I was also part of the Merry Marketplace committee that raised a record $14k+ this year.  You can always find us helping with the church cleanups (my husband helps organize them through the Property Committee) or at any of the various family-centric activities (we loved the zoo trip last year!).  Already this year, I spent the day at Habitat for Humanity, have signed up to help out with IHN plus we are hosting our Dinners for 8 this month!  We typically attend the 10:30am service as my husband is one of the Sunday school teachers. 

In my professional life I manage global events for a large bank. I am detailed, a great problem solver, and know how to get things done. 

This is an interesting time for us and our church and I would love to serve you all as part of the Vestry.

Marymae Henley
Hello. I’m a West Orange resident where I live with my husband.  I grew up here at St. George's and was an active youth participant. My profession is senior health and housing, and I direct a memory community in an assisted living. When my husband and I moved back to New Jersey in 1995 I returned to St. George’s and raised our sons here at the 10:30 service, which my mother and later my father attended. Now I'm an "8 o'clock-er" and love to feel the spirit in this intimate service. Several years ago I joined the Outreach Committee and have been happy to develop our relationship with Holy Trinity’s food pantry and thrift store. I am now on the Search Committee and appreciate the importance of discerning the best rector to take St. George’s forward.

I’ve always found, and will always work towards, St. George’s being an open, inclusive, diverse and welcoming community which is actively engaged in improving our world through ministry. I am proud, and fortunate, that this welcoming and attentive community is my spiritual home.  If re-elected to the vestry, I will continue to listen intently so that we may further the mission and good works of this body.

Brad Kalos

I would be honored to serve as a member of the Vestry.  In my 5+ years at St. George’s, I have had the opportunity to participate in various ministries and programs of the church.  Each of those experiences have been impactful to me in some way and have strengthened my faith. I am a member of our very dedicated and hard-working choir.  The choir comes together each week for rehearsal, in preparation to help lead the worship during the Choral Eucharist and to humbly offer our best efforts to “Adorn the Liturgy.” (thank you, John Ayer!)  I am also a member of the spiritually grounded Profile Committee, which has been charged with the task of leading the parish through the process of self-examination, mindful of the need to listen, and then to help articulate St. George’s history, identity, mission and goals. I am also a member of the Outreach Committee, which meets throughout the year to help St. George’s identify the needs of our community and to thoughtfully review funding requests received from local organizations serving those affected by poverty and facing imminent crisis.  I have also served on the Merry Marketplace and Newcomers Committees and as a Reader at the 10:30 service.

I am an attorney by training.  Although I have not actively practiced law in several years, I have utilized those legal skills throughout a varied management career in entertainment, special events, fundraising, and legal services.  I am also a single parent of a very talented CHS senior, who is college bound (tbd) in the fall.