Youth Group Raises over $900 for St. Joseph's Food Pantry

Krystina Mahoney
Souper Bowl

So the good news is that St. Georges' congregation helped the Youth Group raise $910.71 for St. Joe's Food Pantry. The not so great news is that the Falcon's lost the Super Bowl.

Here is the post game analysis: Sunday February 5th's Super bowl game's final results were: New England Patriot's 34   Atlanta Falcon's 28. Great game! or not depending on who you were routing for... Apparently, our congregation are huge Falcon fans and unanimously ruled the Atlanta Falcon donation pot for the SOUPER Bowl game by donating  $621.71. The New England Patriots had a respectable draw of $238.00 but fell short in the final tally in the Bowl.  All in all, we had a little fun and the final out come was a win for St. Joe's Food Pantry. Thank you folks for your contributions and there is always next year...-St. George's Youth Group