What Is a Choir?

The most common and familiar definition of Choir in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “an organized company of singers (as in a church service)”. However, another less common definition in the dictionary is “a division of angels” which seems more appropriate as the choir elevates our sacred experience by serving as messengers to help us praise God with joyful expressions of grace and thanksgiving.

We are blessed to have a choir comprised of dedicated parishioners who share their musical gifts to create a holy space to support our worship through congregational singing, something that St. George’s fully engages. These parishioners are joined by four paid singers from Westminster Choir College, who help anchor the major parts (alto, soprano, bass and tenor) as well as to provide guidance and mentorship to other choir members to magnify their voices as we celebrate God’s love.   All of this happens under the apt leadership of our organist and choirmaster, John Ayers.

People join the choir for several reasons; some of our choir member shared their thoughts and insights below:

  • “I sing in the choir because for me, it’s a way to touch the sacred and share a gift God has given me – the love of music and the belief that it helps us envision ways to live with beauty and grace – a vision of love that we can carry with us in the world.”
  • “I joined the choir because I have always worshipped with music and enjoy singing harmony. For me, total praise includes worship with songs.”
  • “For me, singing is an integral part of worship and a special way to praise God. As an untrained singer who originally planned to join for only one season, I feel supported by the choir community and uplifted by voices joined in harmony. The choir is an important part of my prayer life.”
  • “I sing because it gives me joy and makes me feel closer to my maker.” I also enjoy the fellowship. It renews me."
  • “There is something magical about singing in the choir. Individuals with skill levels blend their voices together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.”
As we move through Lent and into Holy Week, pay attention to the anthems and hymns as they evoke the themes of the liturgical season but more importantly, provide us with another opportunity to pray.  If you are seeking ways to deepen your faith journey, join our own choir of angels and lift your voices in song.