Vestry Notes - November 2017

Dan Mitchell
Vestry Image

November 21, 2017 Vestry Meeting Highlights

Father Poppe opened the meeting with a discussion of the following Sunday’s Gospel passage.  Reports were heard from the Parish Administration, Outreach and Growth & Development vestry liaisons.  Mike Martins presented the Finance Report by noting that previous trends are continuing with both the income and expenses running close to budget.  He noted that the 2017 year-end budget was projected to have a lower deficit than originally budgeted due to higher income from rent and pledges even though the utilities will be higher than expected.  The vestry reviewed an outline of the 2018 budget.  Noting that staff salaries were increased modestly in 2016 and not at all in 2017, the vestry agreed to increase the staff salaries.  Furthermore, the diocesan pledge and outreach percentage was also slightly increased to bring it closer in line with the 2016 budgets as these both were reduced in 2017.  The vestry approved an estimate to paint the rectory and garage.  Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.