Vestry Notes - June 2017

Dan Mitchell

June 20, 2017 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

Father Poppe opened the meeting with a prayerMike Martins reviewed the April income and expenses and noted that they were trending to continue near budget.  The Finance Committee was continuing to explore participation in the GreenFaith program, an interfaith coalition who finds opportunities to reduce energy usage and costs.  The church roof repair and snow guard installation project is beginning soon and the installation of the parish hall kitchen fire suppression system to meet code is underway.  Reports were heard from the Parish Administration, Outreach and Parish Growth Communication vestry liaisons.  The vestry is investigating potential projects to be funded by the Memorial and Gifts Fund, which was created with the intent to develop permanent projects and could not be used for repairs or operating expenses; one potential project currently being explored is the installation of a labyrinth.  Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.