Vestry Notes - February & March 2017

Dan Mitchell

February Vestry Meeting and March Annual Meeting Highlights

February 21, 2017 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

Father Poppe opened the meeting with a reading of the Gospel passage (John1:35-46) focused on invitation and the vestry members shared their reflections.  Mike Martins reviewed the January income and expenses and then provided an overview of our Statement of Assets for the period from 2014 to 2016.  The vestry continued the planning for the Annual Meeting and shared in a Listening Table exercise.  Father Poppe and their vestry members expressed their gratitude for the ministry provided by Valyrie Laedlein as she completes her 7-year vestry term as member and warden.  Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

March 5, 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights:

Father Poppe opened the meeting with the appointment of Dan Mitchell as Clerk and Cathy Jameson, Lindsay McHugh and Clint Rataczak as ballot counters.  The February 28, 2016 Annual Meeting minutes were accepted by acclamation.  Gratitude was expressed for Warden Valyrie Laedlein and vestry members David Gorman, Dan Mitchell and Katie Rickard for their service on the vestry.  Tony Bousanti introduced the candidates for warden, vestry, diocesan deputies and alternates and announced the voting process.

Reports were provided by the Finance, Stewardship, Outreach, Building and Grounds and Youth Ministry committees.

Father Poppe expressed gratitude to Deacon Ken Boccino, seminarian intern Sylvester Ekunwe (in absentia), Music Director John Ayer and parish administrator, Sarah Tribelhorn for their contributions.  Parish program chairs and their members as well as years of attendance were celebrated. The election results were announced as follows:

·        Warden (1 position for a 2-year term):  Mike Martins

·        Vestry (3 positions for a 3-year term): Sharon McSorley, Dan Mitchell and Katie Rickard

·        Vestry (1 positions for a 1-year term): Jane Ungaro

·        Diocesan Deputy (3 positions for 1-year term): Mike Martins, Kirk Petersen and Cheryl Thompson Sard

·        Diocesan Alternates (3 positions for 1-year term):  Tony Bousanti, Ron Garner and Lindsay McHugh

The meeting ended with the singing of the Doxology.