Time has not changed much since that young mother was seeking help in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago

Dan Mitchell
North Porch Trip to Target Photo

St. George’s continues its annual tradition of offering baby supplies to be presented at the crèche during the Christmas Eve Family Service.

The Outreach Committee provided a $300 grant to the Youth Group to support our on-going mission with North Porch Women and Infants Center, which provides emergency 7-day supply of baby supplies (diapers, formula, baby food and toiletries) to needy mothers and their infants and toddlers to help stabilize and improve their quality of life during the onset of their crisis.

The Youth Group learned during their December monthly meeting about the challenges facing young mothers by hearing personal stories from North Porch recipients.   Four Middle Schoolers (Jessica Bullis-Martinez, Phoebe Hill, Keira Mahoney and Isis Maxwell) trekked to the local Target store on December 18th to shop for baby food and toiletries.   Working as a team, they put themselves in the situations facing these mothers by stretching their budget to buy in bulk and using unit prices to evaluate the better purchase.  Since their budget was limited, they negotiated what would be needed more when facing emergency situations and determined that baby food was probably more important that baby toiletries when faced with making a choice.  They also evaluated the best packaging that would be best for transporting as many of these mothers are facing transient conditions.
Phoebe Hill shares her reflection of the experience: “I learned that it is very expensive to have young children and babies. Just one day’s worth of food cost a considerable amount of money, not even counting the diapers and soap. Walking into the store, I had hoped that our funds would allow us to buy at least three carts full of supplies. Sadly, we were only able to buy two full carts. Despite this, it was a rewarding experience to help those in need and to try to understand the situation that they are in.”
As this season often brings much anxiety, our youth offers hope to relieve some uncertainty to our most vulnerable.  Let their actions be our call to share the hopeful Christmas prayer of opening our hearts to love and compassion to change the world around us.