The Souper Bowl 2018

Krystina Mahoney
Souper Bowl Image

The youth group again is presenting the SOUPER BOWL to St. George’s  congregation!

We are raising money for St. Joes’ Food pantry. It’s more that just a rivalry between the Eagles and the Patriots and the American tradition of a Really BIG Sunday Night Game.  The Souper Bowl is a chance for our congregation to have some very friendly competition for a good cause!

Go Eagles!  • Go Patriots! • Go St. George’s  • Go St. Joe’s Food Pantry!!!!

Last year we were able to raise over $800 dollars for St. Joe’s.  We would love to beat those stats’!

How it works… This weekend on Game day drop your donations in the Soup Pot with your team’s logo. The Soup Pots will be at the front of the church and in the Community Room after the Service. Be Generous! Be loyal! Don’t let the Patriots win… (oops) You never know what amount will be a touch down for our donations to St. Joe’s. The third pot is for Team Souper Bowl! This is the Soup pot will collect donations for those who don't watch or who's team just didn't make it.

The Sunday after the Big Game, the Youth Group will announce the final Tally. We’ll see if the winning team’s donation match up with the Big Game’s wining score.

Go St. George’s!!!!!! Go St. Joe's and Thank you from The Youth Group!!!!