September 18, 2018 Vestry Meeting Highlights

Kirk Petersen
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The meeting opened with prayers. Mike Martins noted that the revenue continues to exceed and expenses are closely in line with the budget, which is a solid position to be in following the summer months.

Jane Ungaro noted that Sunday School and Middle School Youth Group registration was held.  The confirmation class will be led by David Gorman with support from the Co-Interim Rectors.  Jane Ungaro and Katie Rickard noted that the Profile Committee met with the consultant recommended by the diocese and the Letter of Agreement for Consultation to engage a profile consultant was approved by the vestry. Dan Mitchell and Sharon McSorley provided an update of upcoming stewardship plans for the fall as follows:

  1. Year-long Ministries of the Month activities
  2. Parish-wide read and discussion of book entitled “Love Let Go”
  3. Kindness Rocks project by Sunday School children and Middle School Youth Group
  4. Gratitude Sunday on November 4th
  5. Fall pledge mailing

Tony Bousanti noted that the roof leak repair project adjacent to the parish hall stage area will begin within the following week and that the violation for the improper filter due to new regulations in the parish hall kitchen is being corrected.  Rev. Gary Commins reported that a procedure has been developed to respond to pastoral emergencies and children and adult education programs are being developed.  Joel Herbert reported that the re-platforming of the website is underway but is taking longer than planned; the revised soft launch target date is now November.  The committee is still reviewing the impacts to revising the URL address.  The upcoming trip to the Newark Museum on November 4th was announced and names tags will be offered before each service to assist the Co-interim Rectors in getting to know everyone.   Meeting closed with a prayer.