Regular February Vestry Meeting

February 19, 2019 Vestry Meeting Highlights:
The meeting opened with prayers. Mike Martins presented the January Finance Report, noting that revenue continued to exceed budget (especially from the pre-payment of pledges); and expenses were closely in line with the budget. The Profile Committee noted that the 3 profile documents were near completion for the upcoming vestry review and approval scheduled for February 26th. Marymae Henley provided an update from the Search Committee, noting general timeline and establishment of leadership roles, including Valyrie Laedlein stepping up as Chair. Plans were finalized for the Annual Meeting.
Rev. Gary Commins noted the following:
  • Confirmation class has field trips scheduled in March and April.
  • Families are leading the singing during the Family Service.
  • Child care will be offered beginning in March.
  • A Lenten program has been developed, including Sunday adult classes; Wednesday night inquirer’s class, on-line reflections and Wednesday morning meditation.
  • Planning for the Holy Week services is underway
The vestry expressed its gratitude to Joel Herbert, Marymae Henley and Tom McCauley as their current term as vestry members is ending. The vestry expressed its gratitude to Tom McCauley who is stepping down as the Property Committee Chair. Rich Tornambe has agreed to become the new Property Committee Chair. Meeting closed with a prayer.