"Pack the Sack" for Lent

Dan Mitchell

Nourish Your Souls as You Help Feed Others

Since Lent is a time for self-reflection that often includes prayer, meditation and almsgiving, the Outreach Committee is sponsoring a Lenten discipline called “Pack the Sack”.  During the six weeks of Lent, you are invited to collect suggested food items to support our 3 local food pantries.  As you collect these needed food items, you are encouraged to ponder a relevant excerpt from the week’s Gospel lesson followed by an intentional prayer focused on hunger. You are to bring all the food items with you in one bag on Palm Sunday.  Bags and posters are available at each church door to help you with this Lenten practice. The Outreach Committee wishes to thank the outstanding support on this project as over 50 bags and flyers have been distributed.  May you continue to have a holy Lent of self-discovery and awareness of others.

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