November Vestry Minutes

The meeting opened with prayers.  Dan Mitchell provided an update on the fall stewardship pledge drive, noting that we are maintaining last year’s trends.  Mike Martins noted that the revenue continues to exceed the budget and expenses are closely in line with the budget.  The vestry reviewed the 2019 budget planning framework prepared by the Finance Committee.  The vestry approved salaries for the Parish Administrator and Choir Director, increased the Outreach from 4.5% to 5% of total income and maintained the current diocesan pledge of 17.5% of the total income.  The Employees Policies and Procedure manual was updated to follow a recently passed NJ statute to allow roll over of unused paid time off into the following year.  The Profile Committee is continuing to provide outreach on evaluating our ministries and will be hosting a December 2nd town hall meeting to envision leadership traits.  Rev. Gary Commins provided an update on the upcoming opportunities for adult education and spiritual development.  Meeting closed with a prayer.