Hospitality Ministries

Radical hospitality. A doctrine traced back to Jesus’ teachings (Think: Jesus’s visit with Mary & Martha) and even to the Hebrew Scriptures.  
And a commitment that we Episcopalians experience each week at the Eucharist – as we are welcomed to the Table, and as we invite all to join us there.
As part of the Stewardship-sponsored program to recognize and celebrate our many ministries at St. George’s, the four Hospitality ministries will be featured on the Sundays in December:
·       Dec. 2 – our Ushers;
·       Dec. 9 – Dinners for 8 (and a new event to announce: Dinner for 48! Stay tuned);
·       Dec. 16 – Our Newcomers Ministry; and
·       Dec. 23 – Coffee Hour and Parish Life
We invite you to consider what welcome and hospitality mean for you, when you’ve experienced them, and when you’ve offered them to others. And, as you learn of these four ministries at St. George’s, consider perhaps if YOU are called to participate in new ways by offering hospitality to others! 
Please reach out if you’d like to learn more, and I’ll steer you to the appropriate person in leadership of each: Valyrie Laedlein (973-951-1042, vklaed@gmail).