Happy Retirement, Deacon Kathleen!

Kirk Petersen

The Rev. Deacon Kathleen Ballard has retired from active service as a deacon on March 3, having started and ended her deaconship at St. George's.

Deacons are much rarer than priests, and they share a special bond. Both of the current archdeacons of the Diocese of Newark attended the Annual Meeting at St. George's, where Deacon Kathleen was honored. One of them, the Venerable Peter Jackson, started his own deaconship side by side with Kathleen, serving at St. George's Church. He presented her with a framed photograph of Kathleen being recognized at the Diocesan Convention in early February, with the Rev. Canon Greg Jacobs looking on and applauding. 

The other archdeacon, the Venerable Diane Riley, also was at the podium to honor Kathleen, as was the Rev. Deacon Ken Bocchino of St. George's. 

Archdeacon Peter spoke about Kathleen's many years of service to God, to the Diocese and to St. George's, both before and after she became a deacon at the age of 80. Kathleen said religious faith had been a central part of her life since she began reading the Bible regularly at age 8 -- although she said with a laugh that in the early years she didn't always understand what she was reading.

The entire parish rose as one to applaud. Thank you, Deacon Kathleen Ballard, for your service to God's church.