Clone of Vestry Notes - May 29, 2018

Dan Mitchell

May 29, 2018 Vestry Meeting Highlights.

The meeting opened with a prayer.  The wardens met with Bishop Mark Beckwith and Canon to the Ordinary Gregory Jacobs to review the process for Father Poppe’s departure and search for a new rector.  The vestry reviewed the draft of a letter to the parish on behalf of the wardens and vestry, which was electronically sent out on May 23rd.  A Liturgy of Leave-Taking in Thanksgiving for Our Mutual Ministry must occur during the last service scheduled for June 24, 2018; a Transition Committee is being formed to plan for this occasion.  Wardens will schedule supply priests for July and August.  The wardens, working with Bishop’s office, are vetting out potential Interim Rector candidates; goal is to retain an Interim Rector by the end of the summer.  A Parish Profile Committee is being formed representing the parish diversity; the goal of the profile will be to outline our history, our current demographics and ministry and opportunities for growth, improvement or change.  A Search Committee will be formed in the coming months and will use the parish profile as a tool to vet out potential candidates; the Search Committee will present a slate of candidates to the vestry who will continue vetting this out and will vote to call one of the candidates as the 8th Rector of St. George’s.  The wardens will host periodic town hall meetings with the parish to keep them informed of the process.  Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.