Beginning a New Stewardship Journey

Dan Mitchell

The journey of stewardship is the intersection of our faith, gratitude, and generosity. 

We have often focused our Stewardship initiatives on the importance of sharing our "treasure" to cover the budget for our church property and program needs.  However, stewardship represents so much more than that.  The Stewardship Committee is engaged in an effort to provide opportunities for us to become aware how our gifts, offered in the form of our time and talent, can deepen our relationship with God, with each other, and with the world around us. 

 In a brief video, long-time parishioner Lydia Andersen, who came to St. George’s 50 years ago, shares how this church community has been a place of comfort, celebration, and deep relationships, and one that is available to all who are willing to receive it.  Sunday School Director, Jane Ungaro, shares in a second video that volunteering and involvement can fit into any amount of time that an individual or family can make available. 

On June 10th, the Stewardship Committee hosted two forums attended by over 35 members, using Bible study, self-reflection and discussion to explore how the use of our gifts feeds our spirits and helps us to recognize these gifts as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit working through us, both within our church walls and beyond.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to continue this journey of self-reflection and discovery.