August 21, 2018 Vestry Meeting Highlights

Kirk Petersen
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The meeting opened with a prayer. Both Interim Rector contracts were approved and signed and will now be forwarded to the Bishop for his signature. 

The vestry reviewed special Prayer of the People biddings that will be used during our search for a new rector. It was noted that both Bishop Mark Beckwith and Bishop-elect Carlye Hughes will be present during all 3 services on September 9th and meet with the vestry afterwards. The Profile Committee provided an update as follows:

  • Search for a consultant is under way.
  • Parishioner input will begin in September via various opportunities.
  • Four subcommittees have been formed focused on specific tasks (outreach, data design/ collection, writers/ designer and event organizers).

Tony Bousanti will convene a group to determine if there is interest in forming a senior ministry group. Dan Mitchell noted that the Stewardship and Outreach Committees will be jointly sponsoring a Ministry of the Month program.. A group has been formed to redesign the church website since it is outdated and receives very little Google search traffic. Meeting closed with a prayer.