ADVENT Meditation: Dec. 24 - John 1 (Larry Jameson)

Larry Jameson
Larry Jameson Photo

And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father's only son, full of grace and truth.
John's verse was written with hindsight - not for the Bethlehem Herald News.

Today, we share John's hindsight, hearing the Gospel, but...nevertheless, we still await..patiently, hopefully...because the advent of a new creation is still becoming. But it is culminating! A new beginning beckons! For some lucky ones, this means new toys. But for everyone, a new way of being is presented, and God's gift is celebrated around the world.
Generations of people hearing the Word from the descendants of Abraham are astonished: the miracle of new life (unfathomable as that is) has incredible new meaning: the Word has become flesh! John was born to witness that the glory of God was not only evident in Jesus's ministry, but that He was the perfect embodiment of grace and truth.
I am tempted to over-capitalize; it's that time of year. New Meaning! a new Beginning! or Way of Being! the Miracle of Life! God's Gift! Perfect Embodiment of Grace and Truth!
New creation can be quiet, invisible, mundane, though - considering mustard seeds. But a baby's birth is a perfect event to celebrate! It exemplifies the kind of perfect existence God wants us to have and cherish. Christians share many blessings; at the top of my list is our Joy and Revelry - our Singing and Praise for...wait for it...the birth of a Baby! (Compliments to our daughter-in-law, who is Jewish, for making note of this after our candlelight service last year)
I wish all of our Friends at Saint George's, and people everywhere, a Very Merry Christmas