ADVENT Meditation: Dec 20 - John 1 (Jean Bleasdale)

Jane Bleasdale
Jane Bleasdale Photo

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

This is such a profound message for this year, many people feel our society has been consumed by darkness.

Even President Obama's message of hope seems to have been extinguished. As we look around and see so much darkness near and afar it is hard not to be trite and therefor submissive of the devastation we see from Aleppo to our neighboring towns. But - as we know from history light will always shine in the darkness, right and justice will always overcome evil. Our Church community is a beacon of light for many and at this time of year we are drawn to the light of the birth of Jesus - let that light shine through us as we struggle in the dark days. Let us be the message of peace, love, joy, hope and most importantly justice.