ADVENT Meditation: Dec. 19 - John 1 (Marymae Henley)

Mary Henley
Marymae Henley Photo

"What has come into being in him is life, and the life was the light of all people."

Existence versus life.

We are fortunate to know the light that breathes life into our soul.  Jesus, son of God, was born to help share that light and bring us life. God breathed life into our souls through the birth of his son.  Now, we are alive, and with the light we can see.

At Christmastime I often think of the star over Bethlehem, lighting the way for the Kings and shepherds to find their way to the stable of Jesus' birth.  This light was so exemplary, so profound, so amazing that kings traveled across the lands to honor the one who was marked by light. They realized that this light was extraordinary, and that the one who was in the light would change their lives and the lives of their people.

Today we need this light.  We need a bright undeniable indicator that there is hope.  We need to feel that light within us, and honor it.   We need the warmth and teaching of Jesus to remind us to love our neighbors, share what we have, welcome those who others cast out.  Light.  Life.  Hope.  What better way to remember than to celebrate Christmas.