ADVENT Meditation: Dec. 18. - John 1 (Danny Rickard)

Danny Rickard
Danny Rickard Photo

"He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and  without him not one thing came into being."
 I meditated on my passage and made it my mantra for the mediation (well because, honestly I wasn't sure what to do with it). 

As I sunk into mediation I was thrown back to the more innocent time of my youth, asking my mom about God.  As she was explaining Him to me I began asking questions like: "So did He make this house?" she then confidently replied "He created the people who made this house and the trees that produced the wood for the house."  "Well what about that ball over there?" she replied "He made the people who made the balls".  So then I went on and on with my "what about that..." questions, but I'm sure you understand my point. Overall, my mom patiently painted a picture for me that everything we have and see was created by God for He is all around us and is represented in many ways.

As we move through life it's comforting to remember that everything we encounter came into being through Him and that at times we may not fully understand why this "thing" has come into our life, but just knowing it's a product of God gives us the confidence and trust that it's in our life for a reason.