ADVENT Meditation: Dec. 17 - John 1 (Meg Persechetti)

Meg Persechetti
Meg Persechetti Photo

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I wonder, "What is the Word?" The response that comes time and time again is one's breath: the ability to breathe.

Without breath there would be no life. I often take my breath for granted, especially since my body can do it on its own. I don't have to think "breathe now, inhale then exhale." We are born knowing how to breathe, just as we are born with God in our DNA. In times of mindful breathing, answers come to me. Solutions are made known. Ideas flow. I am also reminded of this enormous love that surrounds me on all sides, top and bottom included, like a huge hand that cradles me. All I can ever do is breathe, no matter the task. That is the one constant. That is the presence of God in my life. Breath lights my way. That is what the Word feels like. The Word is placed within each of us at our first breath and is longing to be called upon each moment of every day. It's only normal to be taken for granted, but never doubt the love and depth of your breath as you give life to yourself and others, whether spoken or unspoken. It is our calling to stay in meditation with the Word, so that we may live in love and give freely from whence we came.  The Word brings us home and allows our light to flow undiminished. And what's glorious is that everyone's light is different. By not allowing your light to flow, that space is left dark, leaving the world darker.
Breathe. Do nothing else, and let if flow for all to feel.