18 - DEC - 2017 Advent Meditation (Hebrews 1:1-12) - Meg Persechetti

Meg Persechetti
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This passage speaks of the miraculousness of life. The life of baby Jesus put into creation by his Father and the miraculousness of the earth and the Heavens. It is all a miracle.

To be alive right now, where we are, interacting with those we love, those we barely know, and even those we do not love, is a miracle. It is a celebration itself to serve one's purpose on this spinning globe. One may wonder or ponder that one's purpose is unknown or non-existent. God has placed each of us exactly where we are meant to be, whether we embrace that or not. Make the choice to stand tall and upright for you are made of stars. In all of this, there is such mystery surrounding eternal life. Perhaps, touching our inner-most fire of breath that God placed in each of us, is a step toward understanding all that is above our limited mind. We are each an "exact imprint of God's nature." Therefore, God is man, woman, child. It is not our job to define, just to be here dwelling in love. Let us give to one another time, embraces, and an ear of listening. I know that love is eternal. It cannot be extinguished. Let us know and send the miracle of love out now! 

Merry Christmas. I think you are awesome, you beautiful miracle you!