16 DEC - 2017 Advent Meditation (Luke 1: 47 - 56) - Emily Regas

Emily Regas
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This passage, Mary's song, has always intrigued me. In a past Christmas pageant, I was dancing the part of Mary and had to interpret her song into movement. In studying the text, I found many commentaries stating that in this passage Mary possessed a mood of joy. That interpretation ended up influencing my choreography - creating moments of lightness, caring, love, and joy. It wasn’t about telling the story at that point, it was about rejoicing.

In the Christmas season, we are often bogged down by all our obligations, everything we must do. The presents we must buy, the parties we must attend, the cards we must write. I am sure Mary had her own long to-do list at this point in their story. She was getting married, had to travel, and of course was about to have a baby. Any parent knows that at times preparing for a baby is a full-time job in and of itself. Yet Mary found time to stop, and to sing praises for God and for her blessings. She found time in her list of to-dos to pause, breathe, and be thankful.

I have to admit that this season I have been quite bogged down with my own obligations. From work to kids, from presents to parties. It has dampened my own joy and could have continued to do so if I hadn't been blessed with reading Mary's song for this Advent meditation. Like Mary, I need to find time to gather with ones I love, stop, and find my joy. To look at all the beautiful moments, big and small that make up my life. To be thankful for all God has blessed me with.

May we all find time to have our own joyful songs this holiday season.