12 DEC - 2017 Advent Meditation (Luke 1: 5 - 20) - Amy Cox-Martins

Amy Cox-Martins

In the above passage Zachariah and his wife are approached by the Arch Angel Gabriel and given a message that would change their lives. Despite Elizabeth's advanced age, Gabriel announces she will have a baby boy. They are to name him John. But when Zachariah doubted this could be true he was told to be silent until the miracle occurs.

Concretely I felt the punishment of silence was harsh. How was God going to silence him? I wondered if by physical force? However in speaking to Father Poppe about this aspect of the passage, he suggested that silence was a request to reserve judgement, to be quiet and contemplative rather than speaking of doubt and judgement.

In that light, I appreciate the idea to hold back on negative comments or judgments. For the past year I have been angry and vocal about the election results. But yet, I am now seeing the good that is slowly coming from that election. That women in particular have been embolden to claim their rights and dignity. The story is yet to be written as to how things will work out in this climate of accountability (with the President), but one has to believe there is a greater good here, and God has a plan. I'll think about that and hold my negativity back for a bit. I believe in the Lord to bring this country back to it's humanity, and where our leaders will take into consideration those less fortunate.